FuriouslySteph is an “otherkin” Twitch live-streamer with severely questionable stances. One of the many things Steph hates about gaming is voice chat. Original story: Twitch established a safety advisory council with eight members, including four long-time streamers, to help draft new policies for the platform, amongst other things. In a clip that is circulating, she says, “I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists. Tags: ferociouslysteph twitch deer twitch transgender twitch twitch safety twitch deer streamer streamer clips livestream fails. When Twitch announced their bureaucratically named Twitch Safety Advisory Council this week, it was quickly dismissed by many as a publicity stunt. Twitch streamer FerociouslySteph was added to the platform’s “Safety Advisory Council” late last week.And yesterday, the social justice advocate made … A Twitch Safety Advisory Council member known as FerociouslySteph took a brief respite during an Enter the Gungeon playthrough to speak her mind about what she believes gamers are. Related: New Twitch Safety Advisory Council Member FerociouslySteph Calls Gamers “White Supremacists” Threatens To Go After “Shitty” People. Fulltime twitch streamer. I’m honored to be part of the team, very glad to bring my voice and perspective to the council. FerociouslySteph writes, “The Safety Advisory Council had it’s first meeting today! Here’s ADL flack Daniel Kelley celebrating FerociouslySteph’s ascension to the Twitch censorship council , which makes sense, given what we know… Congrats to @FerociouslyS @ybika @ellanso for being part of Twitch's new safety advisory council. Adorably ferocious trans-girl Twitch Broadcaster with ambitions of softness. FerociouslySteph, known across r/LivestreamFail as Deer Girl, is trolling the entire Twitch community in the most obvious way and you're all falling for it. She has gone on record making many anti-male statements and accused the gaming and streaming community in general of being full of white supremacists. Sorry. I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists. Entertainment Twitch Streamer ShannonZKiller Calls On Twitch To Remove FerociouslySteph From Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council Twitch streamer ShannonZKiller, who has recently been streaming Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Fallout 76, called on Twitch to remove FerociouslySteph from Twitch's Safety Advisory Council. Twitch partner and member of the platform’s new Safety Advisory Council, Steph ‘FerociouslySteph’ Loehr has revealed that she was doxxed online … It reads, “Harassment directed at council members or anyone at or on Twitch only underscores the importance of the council. Making a microcosm of a better world, and you're welcome in it! Twitch streamer FerociouslySteph continues to be a centrepiece of controversy around Twitch Council. Twitch Safety Advisory Council member FerociouslySteph has shared on stream she thinks “a lot” of gamers are white supremacists. Related: Twitch Safety and Advisory Council Member FerociouslySteph Responds to Critics, Claims Comments “Taken Out Of Context and Sensationalized,” Says She Was Harassed. ^_^ ️ Just a fact, of how I feel. She has also been on stream portraying a “deergasm” and eaten grass on stream, leading to people to question the mental state of this individual. Twitch recently appointed her to be a part of an eight-member Safety Council to progress rights and standards for all streamers to adhere to.
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