Corporate Fitness

The design of a corporate gym space depends on many factors and there are design solutions available for every company.

For the proper and safe use of the space some of the factors for choosing the space have to do with the number of employees, the equipment to be used, the group & free machine room and the changing room.

For a modern, fully equipped gym, a company needs a space of 50 sq.m. up to 300 sq.m. Depending on the available building facilities, different solutions can be found to meet the needs of each company.

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A corporate gym, depending on the number of employees using it, needs some basic equipment so that employees can exercise properly and safely.

The three main categories of sports equipment are free weights (mats, elastic bands, exercise balls, dumbbells), static machines (strengthening machines) and cardiorespiratory machines (bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers).

There are several options in terms of the different companies that have sports equipment and we will be more than happy to advise you on the right choice.

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A corporate running team can train at a stadium or recreational park that is within close distance of the company's offices.

Our company has some key points that it trains such as (Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Syngrou Park, OAKA Wall of Nations) but we are always available to find the ideal solution for each company depending on the area where it is based.

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We refer to small, medium and large companies and organizations for the handling of corporate Health, Wellness and Fitness issues, which require high scientific expertise, with appropriate partners specialized in each field.

Our areas of activity are the following:

Hotel units, Insurance companies, Industrial companies, Consumer goods trading companies, Retail companies, Service companies, Banks, Technology & software services, Pharmaceutical companies, Telecommunications, Construction companies, Embassies, Organizations, Nursing homes, School complexes, Automotive companies, Public Services , University complexes,

We strive to always stay on top, innovating and providing quality services, for which we have earned your trust.

Most fitness programs if the weather and conditions allow it can also take place in outdoor spaces such as parks or stadiums. Exercising outdoor helps a company's employees escape from the ordinary program and relax by doing the necessary exercise to stay in shape.

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