Programs & Workouts

At the beginning of each program you will find the relevant information about the goal of each program and you will see if it works for you. Each program is divided into Type, Focus Area, Level and Equipment. After that you will see about this program informations that will help you understand the the goal of each program. Then there is the duration of the program and the exercise time per day. Choose a program that works for you and stick to it daily until it is completed!

I recommend you make all the videos that exist in every day. If a day has 3 videos you should do all 3 at the same time starting with the warm-up and finish with the cool down. If you have difficulty doing an exercise from one program you can do it for a shorter duration or skip it until the next one. In each case each person has a different level and goal so feel free to modify the programs to suit you.

Yes you can do all the programs that I have second time in a row if you feel thats this suits you. But try to leave a gap of 2-3 days in between so that your body has time to recover. The programs that I upload have a specific duration depending on the goal, it is good as soon as you finish a program to continue with a new one so that you can train your body in a different way!

If you do not have the dumbbells, don’t worry. You can do the exercises that have dumbbells with two bottles of water or with bags full of food or some heavy objects, but always be careful not to hit yourself. In some of the videos there are exercises without equipment with variations so you can do them using your bodyweight.

If you just started you can skip some videos there is no problem. You can if you want to do the same exercises with lower intensity there are the same effective. The main thing is that you have started and believe me gradually you will be able to follow the full program. In a program that seems big enough you can divide it into 3 parts by taking between 2 days of rest.

No. It is recommended to do one program at a time. Combining two programs together will not be as effective and there is a possibility of causing some injury. Each program has a very specific goal and is structured in such a way as to have an effect in a specific period of time. If you feel that is going quite easily, you can make it more difficult by skipping breaks or increase the duration of each exercise.

Most of the programs I do have exercises that help at strength training so running and cardio training is more than welcome! It is always important whatever the goal we have to have a good combination of both factors. But be careful not to overdo it and listen to your body whenever it needs more time to rest, these programs are very demanding.

To see fast results you will need to do one of the programs intensively and not miss a single day. But it is important to know that you will need to improve your diet a lot as exercise alone is not enough. Make a start for the duration of a program to eat homemade food in the right quantities and you are for sure going to see the first results very quickly. This does not mean that in 2 weeks you will have 6pack.. for a well-shaped body you will need more time but the only sure thing is that exercise and proper nutrition will bring you much closer!

Yes, feel free to modify your rest days by always listening to your body. You can put the rest days that are in the program on days when you know that you will not be able to exercise due to obligations, so you can configure it accordingly.

Everyone has their own rhythms and their own physical condition. I suggest you take a good break of 4-5 days until you go to the next program so that your body has time to recover enough. This way you will be able to start a new program without having to pause due to an injury.

The weight that you should use in the exercises should be so heavy that in the last repetitions they make it difficult for you. The weights I use in most exercises are usually 5kg but that does not mean that you have to do the same. You can use smaller or larger weights so that you feel that every exercise you do works enough.

Feeling a little soreness is totally normal for someone who has just started working out intensively. Try in the next few days to include in the programs you do the warm-up that exists and to give a little more time to recovery, you will see that it will help a lot.

But if you feel that you are close enough to a cramp or a fracture, you should immediately stop exercising and see a physiotherapist.

If you do not know in which order to put the videos or how many of them you have to do each day you can start one of the ready programs that I have designed. You can definitely do them separately but just make sure they have the same goal. You can always share the videos during the day to fit your schedule.

A lot of people in the programs they doing have either one or the other goal as both together it is quite difficult. In my programs I have included the combination of strength training exercises with the use of time so that in all of my workouts you exercise at the same time strength and cardio. This way you can build muscles and lose fat.