Why is fitness important in the workplace?

Staying in shape can have a tremendous impact on employees' performance, which directly impacts the company's bottom line.

Research shows that when workers are in good shape, they are more engaged in their work. When employees feel engaged in what they're doing at work, it can also mean more productivity and creativity for that business.

And, it's not just the folks on the front lines which can benefit from regular workouts.

Fitness also benefits higher-level employees, like executives and managers. Executives stressed out about their jobs tend to make bad decisions because they are so focused on every decision that they lose sight of what needs to happen.

Having a leader engaged in their job because they are in good physical shape can be a huge asset to any company's success.

But engagement and high productivity stops when employees don't get enough exercise, and the number one reason employees say they don't work out? Because they're too busy or stressed out.

By making workplace wellness programs available for everyone in the company—from the mailroom to the board room—employees can take time out of their day, together, to get healthier. And that can have a huge positive impact on everyone who works there.

Work-life balance is another way companies use corporate fitness programs to help employees.

Long hours at work can also mean long hours at home for employees who might not have time for a traditional workout in the gym or even time to plan healthy meals.

The good news is that companies are catching on. Some organizations offer fitness programs at work with onsite trainers to help employees stay fit without leaving work.

By taking steps like these, more and more businesses realize that corporate wellness isn't just about having healthier employees. It's about having happier, more productive employees—and that means better business.

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